Whether you’re a candidate running for office, a campaign manager, or a messaging consultant, you know that personal connection with constituents is key to winning votes.

Until now, engaging an entire electorate has been near impossible.

SkyerAI changes everything.
Here’s how.

It starts with


Start by building natural inbound and outbound conversations with your constituents on the platforms they’re already using.

Kick-start the conversation by generating interest in your campaign through easy-to-create micro-targeted media campaigns that reach the right people at the right time.

which triggers​


SkylerAI extracts key insights from individual conversations – constituents’ thoughts, moods, and intents – and responds immediately with the appropriate answer and course of action.

You can trigger multiple processes, assign team tasks, and coordinate outgoing and incoming calls and texts – all from one easy-to-use platform.

reinforced by


Unlike other services which trigger a single interaction, SkylerAI continues to converse 1-on-1 with your constituents, transforming each conversation into a meaningful relationship – and ultimately, a vote.

Unleash the power
of conversation

SkylerAI for Elections includes
purpose-built modules every successful campaign needs in their playbook

  • Skyler rocked my campaign. I was quickly able to grasp what constituents cared about most, and turn those insights into winning messages.

    Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen

    19th District, Florida
  • SkylerAI wins with business book smarts …its value is in the depth of its automated follow-up. It was one of the first such systems to leverage intelligent workflows, and it remains one of the best at it.

    Craig Rowe

    Senior Technology Writer, Inman News

Built to scale

Skyler scales as your audience engagement grows and your processes evolve


Works the way you do

Skyler is fully customizable to your unique workflow and organizational goals


Up and running in minutes

Deployed on or off premises, Skyler is easy to set up and does not require coding