Remodel your campaign, again.

Remodel your campaign, again.

Less than 100 days away from election day and almost 45,000 Covid-19 cases daily.

This new reality has forced campaign managers to remodel their campaigns.

Initially, campaigning events shifted online.

Fundraising and field-organizing events became Zoom events, a new campaigning technique.

However, there’s one issue.

We are less than three months from election day, and people are Zoomed out.

Individuals are no longer interested in watching events from home.

If this is the case, how can campaign managers continue to interact with their supporters? How can they develop relationships and motivate supporters to vote?

They must enhance their digital campaigns.

How to strengthen your campaign:

#1 Goal setting

Set new goals, adapting to cultural and economic changes.

While creating and achieving new goals, continue to pursue objectives set at the beginning of the campaign.

#2 Effective content

Create and distribute content that constituents will respond to.

#3 Reaching your audience

Know how to reach your audience, initiating and establishing new means of communication.

As mentioned above, people are Zoomed out, and campaign managers must integrate new communication strategies.

The Integration:

Apply a different communication channel, texting constituents and potential supporters.

Through SkylerAI, campaign managers optimize conversations with followers and potential supporters at scale, all while maintaining audience interest.

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