Time waits for no one

Time waits for no one

Staying home day after day, and time feels as though it has stopped.

Well, it hasn’t.

As registered voters begin to rely on the United States Postal Service (USPS) for the upcoming presidential elections, election day seems closer than ever.

The influx of additional absentee voters has overwhelmed USPS, slowing down mail deliveries.

Slower than usual, USPS advises citizens to vote in advance.

Voters should mail in their votes at least one week prior to election day in order to reduce the likelihood of missing the voter deadline.

Is one week enough time, though?

At quarter end, national first-class mail was delivered between 81.4% and 92.4% on time.

Although these percentages seem high, they are actually lower than the previous year’s.

In addition to the sluggish mail service, voting by mail can delay the counts.

Mailed ballots will be sealed, requiring individuals to spend time on opening envelopes and verifying signatures.

Additionally, most election offices lack the manpower or technology to speed up the process, and as a result, registered voters bear the responsibility of voting in advance.

How can campaign managers help individuals acclimate to this new reality?

Connect with your constituents.

If you do your job right, you already engage with potential supporters.

Continue to do so, reminding them of the importance of voting early.

Through SkylerAI, campaign managers are given the ability to communicate with constituents in an efficient and effective manner.

Text your constituents, inspiring and reminding them to vote early.

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